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What To Look for When You Want a Good News Source

When you tune in to your local evening news, is the bulk of the broadcast made up of “news updates” about the latest Miley Cyrus train wreck? Is your news source more concerned with the birth of the royal baby than the situation in Syria? Are you tired of hearing about the Kardashians when you should be hearing about the Affordable Health Care Act? It may be time to turn off the current broadcasting news that you normally watch, and look for some more reputable news sources instead.

Even those touted as the “top news sources” have been known to pick and choose their stories while broadcasting news, reporting the national news in a very skewed light in order to play to a particular agenda. If you are sick of even the top name professionals not offering the best news, read on for the three most important aspects of a newsbsource whether they are on radio, online, or on the television broadcasting news.

1. Unbiased

It is absolutely imperative that you find an unbiased news source. How Continue reading…

George Zimmerman in Trouble with the Law? Three Updates

Did you know that Jurassic Park 4 has just been announced as a definite new release for 2015? The title, however, has been changed to Jurassic World. This is one of the more fun updates to internet news sources today. Elsewhere on the web, articles about the potential U.S. involvement in Syria reign supreme. Did you know that you can often find top news sources online? Here are three of the biggest stories for this week.

1. George Zimmerman Might Go Back to Court

For someone who got off remarkably easy for shooting someone, George Zimmerman doesn’t seem to know when to put down his gun. This week, Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie Zimmerman, called 911 to report that Zimmerman had smashed her iPad and punched her father, and had threatened them both with a gun. He was detained at the scene, but not charged. Police have yet to find a gun, though, and the iPad being used to record the incident was broken beyond recovery.

2. Libya Bombings on 9/11

In intern Continue reading…

How to Define Syndicate

When asked to define syndicate, many things may come to mind. You can include things such as business syndicates, media syndicates, and of course, crime syndicates. Basically, when you define syndicate in general terms it means an organized group of people, companies or other entities that come together to perform some business or a common interest. Because most syndicates are created to drive up profits, this is where the criminal aspect comes into play when you define syndicate.

Interestingly, when you define syndicate, people rarely think about anarchy. When you define syndicate in these terms, it is call anarcho syndicalism. This type of syndicate is formed to create an alternative to the nation state, as well as capitalistic corporations.

When we define syndicate, we cannot ignore the broadcast media as part of the syndicated definition. The broadcast definition generally refers to a broadcast TV show that has by syndicated. We also know this as going into syndication. This ba Continue reading…

How The Broadcast Definition Is Changing

The purpose behind the broadcast is to disseminate information to a steady and wide stream of people. This includes transmission of programming via radio and television, and it is expanding to include transmission through the web as well. The broadcast definition, then, will expand for as long as the need is great to disseminate this information, which if history is any indication should be for as long as we live as humans.

Of course, the broadcast definition does not usually involve the Internet as a method for communication, but that mostly is because the broadcast definition deals mostly with transmissions via the airwaves and the television airwaves too. The Internet is a different animal entirely, and so people normally will not think too much about syndicated television without taking into account more than television or radio. But the idea of syndication brings up an interesting point, because the syndicated definition states that something that is syndicated is broadcast throu Continue reading…