15 Teeth Myths You Probably Believe – Teeth Video

dental professionals debunk common myths.

There are times when your teeth do not look as white or attractive as they should. Normal for them to become darker with time especially after years of drinking sugary drinks as well as drinking coffee. Many people think acidic drinks can cause bleaching of their teeth. Acid intake won’t permanently whiten your teeth. The teeth will return to their natural color after you stop consuming acidic foods. You can whiten your teeth by using hydrogen peroxide as well as whiten your teeth at the dentist once or twice annually. Cavities can be reversed depending on how deep they are unlike what is commonly believed. In your mouth, bacteria can create tooth decay as well as cavities should they remain untreated. Cavities can be irreversible when bacteria infiltrates the tooth’s internal layers.

There’s also a general conviction that diet drinks do make cavities less likely. Diet sodas, in addition to other drinks that promote health, such as orange juice and apple cider are acid-based drinks that can increase tartar buildup and bacteria plaque. This can lead to dental cavities and periodontal disease. my5sbaz4tz.