Police Taser Woman In The Middle of Florida Walmart – Work Flow Management

Walmart. It happened in the main aisles. The woman could have been taking medication at the time to create this bizarre act. Police were immediately notified and got involved. This video shows how the police handled the incident as well as the detention of the lady. In order to get her out of the trouble, she might need bail services.

The officer in the video tried to talk with the woman throughout the entire situation. He repeatedly told her to remove the knife. The woman, however, refused to take the knife down. It’s unclear the reason she was unable to take the knife off. But, the fact she was mumbling incomprehensive words lends to the theory that she was likely on drugs. But regardless, the woman presented a major danger to police officers as well as those who were in the vicinity at this Walmart. One of the officers had Tasers and was able to use it to subdue the woman. In just a few seconds she was to the ground. This allowed officers to detain the woman with no additional brutality.