Tips for Starting a Temp Agency – Morgantown WV Business News

There are ns of people who have received help. Both individuals and businesses can benefit from various staffing and recruitment services through temp agencies.

As with every other type of business, will require an insurance policy that covers the temp agency. At the beginning prioritizing the workers’ comp and general liability insurance. Also, a payroll administrator is a requirement.

It’s a wise idea to not include the words “staffing”, “recruiting” or “temp” within your company’s name. A mistake like this is likely to increase your odds of being refused insurance. Insurance companies may find the temp companies like this to be risky.

It’s a good idea to put aside a modest amount of between $7,000 and $5,000. This figure will be based on what skill set you’d like to attain. It will cost lesser if you’ve got more expertise. Be realistic about your financial goals.

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