What Homeowners Need to Know About Home Insurance Agencies – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

e narrator says, according to the NAIC (national association of insurance agents) according to the NAIC, the most common amount charged by insurance agencies in the US for insurance on homes is $1192. However, rates vary by state and State.

According to the narrator, location is also important. Rural homeowners are charged more then urban residents due to the long wait time for emergency services.

What is covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Insurance agencies that cover home comprise:

Dwelling Damage to the home and attached structures Other buildings: Damage to separate constructions Personal Property personal property; loss or damage loss of use: temporary living expenses in case damages to property Personal Liability: Everything the homeowner is responsible in relation to their house Medical Fees People who are injured on the homeowner’s property What Isn’t Covered by homeowner’s insurance?

This list is not covered by the home insurance agent:

Blackouts Earthquakes and landslides Floods State action, like war wear and tear from negligence ydva3d36lt.