What is Biodegradation Research? – Continuing Education Schools


you define research, we have to determine what exactly biodegradation means. It’s the process by which organic compounds break down into microorganisms. These substances are reduced to simple substances like ammonia carbon dioxide and water.

This is essentially nature’s garbage can and is very important to the environment and the lifestyle of the small beings that exist in the soil. They also break down the chemical mulches once they’re combined with the existing soil.

Some scientists choose to study this area to better know more about biodegradation, and to see how they can improve the process. If we look at the natural process of biodegradation it is possible to use that identical system to decrease waste and help clean up the natural environment. This is a subject that everyone should be aware of.

This video will give you an insider’s view of life of scientists with this research. You can also call a lab that specializes in biodegradation, to inquire for information about their work. This information will be useful for your next visit to the garden.