What To Do If Your Garage Cable is Off – Life Cover Guide

An expert in garage doors will be able to assist you. In this short video you’ll learn to fix one of the most common problems.

The most common issue with garage doors is when the cable is pulled away from the drum. This causes the door to be stuck in its previous position. The garage door remains the same position as on the screen. The problem is quite simple to solve. The first thing you’ll need is an extra pair of vice grips. Make sure you grab the vice grips put them on the roller that runs underneath the door. It will be impossible for the door to roll down when this is done. Next grab a ladder or step stool and pull off the loop on the bottom fixture. Next, you must remove the wiring out of the drum, by taking it off and unscrewing it. Make sure that the end of the cable is inside the drum. After that, re-warp your cable around the drum starting by lifting the top portion. After the cable is no continue to wrap around, hook it to the bottom fixture. Take out the vice clips before pulling down the garage door. Your garage door is now likely to be working properly.