Who Needs to Take an MSHA Training Course – Source and Resource

Although there aren’t any serious security risks, working in mines is a risk. To ensure safety when working in the mine, workers have to follow all rules and regulations.

An MSHA training course is mandatory for all those who think they are be mining. In the context of MSHA training, a miner is any supervisor or operator of a mine who engages in mining operations. This also includes the independent mining contractors as well as their employees as well those who work in construction and work for a long period of time in mining sites. There is no requirement to complete an MSHA instruction course if are a scientific worker, delivery driver, customer, vendor, driver of a truck, or visitor at a mine.

If you’re classified as miner in accordance with the above definition the most important thing is that you undergo MSHA instruction. There is a risk of severe injury and even death on an underground mine if don’t possess the proper training.