How Do Fire Protection Sprinklers Know When Theres a Fire? – Concordia Research

It is a fact that you live. However, people often wonder how sprinklers work. A look at How Do Fire Sprinklers Know That There’s a Fire can help answer that. This video explains the basics of the mechanisms used by a fire sprinkler.

Sprinklers for fire protection can sense heat, unlike smoke which majority of people think triggers their. Sprinklers make use of a liquid composed of glycerin which expands in contact with heat. Air temperatures must be somewhere between 135 and 165 degree Fahrenheit to allow the reaction to happen. The liquid will expand, and the container in which it is stored breaks, triggering the fire protection sprinklers.

They’re usually placed near the pipes for water. The sprinklers are usually in close proximity to the fire can be triggered. This ensures buildings do not end up with water damages. To ensure that the sprinklers are able to deal with fires effectively certain valves regulate that water’s flow that flows through the sprinklers. An experienced professional should check sprinklers frequently to make sure they’re at their best.