How to Add Character to Your New Builder-Grade Home –

builder-grade home. You can keep your rug tidy by placing it in an area away from principal entrances, and in a space that is not subject to heavy foot traffic. These rooms could be a bedroom or your living space.
8. Update Window Treatments

The window treatments you choose to install can add character and style to your home. Based on your personal preferences the best option is layers of curtains, textured bamboo, Roman blinds or plain blinds and roller shades, as well as others. When picking out window treatments look at using the same material for the windows in order to have a uniform look on the street.

9. Paint a wall or two

The process of giving your home an update could be an arduous and costly undertaking. Consider painting one or two wall accents instead, to spare yourself from the hassle. Adding color to certain walls in your home can add your style to them and also make the overall color scheme that you use throughout the home pop.

10. Make sure to add wallpaper to your Powder Room

The bathroom more unique by adding colorful wallpaper. Your powder room offers an excellent space to play with bold colors and patterns as it’s not used as frequently. Choose a wallpaper that’s durable and will be able to withstand the elements if making it a part of a larger bathroom. Don’t wallpaper the splash area. For the best results you should work with a skilled bath remodeler.

11. Set up wall hooks

Having hooks where you need they can be a huge help when it comes to maintaining your house clean and well-organized. You might consider placing hooks in the wall of spaces where you or your household are most likely to get lost items. This could be the bathroom, bedroom, or the entranceway. There is a way to add personality and style to any house built by a builder.

12. Use Your Stairs

The stairs are a