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SSDI claims were in fact successful

The first thing the SSDI board will look at is your age. It is a good idea that you are over 50 years old for the sake of helping you in your application. There are specific rules implemented that make it simpler for individuals who are over 50 years old to get approved to submit SSDI applications. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be approved you’re 50 years old.

It is also a factor in the work record. A strong work record as well as a stable job will increase the likelihood of getting SSDI approval. Even though a lack of work experience doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible for receiving SSDI benefits, it may create more difficulties. It’s crucial since the judge will determine whether a person is genuinely unable to get a job due to their handicap or are having difficulty applying for and maintaining employment.

Working history, age and even the duration of employment is not the sole determinant. Disability itself is a major reason. Although physical conditions can be more difficult to prove than mental conditions A skilled attorney can help. To find out more, check out the above video.