The 10 Best Upgrades That Add Luxury to Your Home – Discovery Videos


The esign style is a great way to add appeal to any room, as well as providing an elegant addition to your interior. Crystal chandeliers can add beauty and sparkle to any space. The rose or stone gold are also options.

Studio lighting fixtures are economical to illuminate a large area without overdoing the power or price. A studio lighting kit is intended for smaller spaces which is approximately four feet by 6 feet and two feet tall at its tallest point. The ballast comes with this kit. Therefore, you have to replace the bulbs each 2 years. They can be installed using an electrician.

Another kind fixture that is popular is the chandelier with a bowl. The bowl chandelier can look stunning with any design. Bowl chandeliers look similar to pendants, but are not chandeliers. Bowls are suspended from cables and are connected to an exterior fixture in the center.

Converting Your Garage Into a luxurious Paradise

Garages are typically used to store objects of every day use and are also a place to working. In order to give your garage an unique look, you can create a variety of improvements to the exterior as well as interior. Some simple changes can create a useful as well as a beautiful area that you can be proud of.

To reduce the drafts from cold air through walls or floors, insulation is added. If you remove a part of the floor, the wall or any other covering, you could add insulation. The insulation is available from home improvement stores and then installed into the wall space.

It is also possible to install an opener for garage doors while you are changing your door into the new version. It isn’t necessary for replacing an entrance. Garage door openers do not cost expensive and are easy to put in once the door has been installed. place.

Epoxy flooring or wood shelving is a great way as storage solutions for your items. The wood could be painted to be a match to the exterior of your garage. You can also add