Understanding How LiDAR Technology Works – Technology Magazine

It’s what they do. LiDAR technology makes use of lasers to assess any structure, whether it is naturally formed or that is created by humans. Here are a few of the essential components used in this procedure.

First, LiDAR can also be utilized by aircrafts. While flying over the region, the airplane makes use of the laser to identify it. It’s a very effective way of gathering information.

GPS receivers are the next component of the process and are crucial in tracking where the airplane is. GPS receivers are also important in tracking where the plane is. GPS can also help figure out exactly where the LiDAR system is analyzing at the ground.

This video illustrates the way in which an IMU or inertial measuring unit is utilized to calculate the slope or the face of the plane. This information is needed to enable LiDAR to determine elevations above the surface.

A computer is required to run the LiDAR system. Just like anything that is connected to computers, the LiDAR system relies on a computer for keeping track of its findings.

LiDAR technology is quite fascinating and plays a significant role in shaping what we do.